Hi, I’m Melina

I design digital products and experiences that people love

Digital Product Designer specializing in UX/UI and Concept Development.

Webdesign   •  UI-Design   •   UX-Design   •   Concept Development   •   Illustrations   •   Graphic Design   •  

What I Do


I prioritize user-centric design, by incorporating user insights and a profound understanding of complex product structures to enhance user flows and experiences.


I am an aesthetic enthusiast; when something is unattractive, it causes me physical discomfort. Therefore, I specialize in creating pixel perfect and engaging experiences for users.

Web Design

I develop visually appealing and user-friendly websites, with expertise in platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I improve conversion rates by designing visually appealing ecommerce landing pages and optimizing user experiences with CRO principles.


Melina is dedicated and inquisitive - with a great interest in learning new skills and tools within the digital world. Melina is conscientious and a perfectionist in what she delivers, she has an eye for detail and create always a good overview of the tasks she is given.
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