From passion to full-time job

Last updated: 26-12-24

I’m Melina, a 24-year-old Digital Product Designer originally from the far north of Germany, currently based in Aarhus. Armed with over 2 years of professional experience, I hold an AP degree in Multimedia Design and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Concept Development from Business Academy Aarhus.

About three years ago, I made the decision to move to Denmark to study Multimedia Design, specializing in User Experience and User Interface Design. I completed my education in 2022 and furthered my skills with a Bachelor degree in Digital Concept Development.

In both academic and professional settings, I excel in collaborative environments, leveraging my organizational skills and attention to detail. Described as cheerful and easy-going, I thrive in diverse teams, always eager for constructive feedback.

Beyond design, I have a passion for digital drawing and love exploring new concepts, places, and cuisines. I believe in the power of minimalistic design, where great design often remains invisible.

With over two years of experience as a Digital Product Designer at the design agency Design-People in Aarhus, specializing in products for tech and engineering companies, I’ve had the privilege of being part of diverse local danish and bigger international projects and clients. My expertise spans digital interaction design, usability/UX, GUI design, pixel-perfect design, user insights, and co-creation workshops.

As a freelancer, I’ve also applied my skills to create diverse web designs and webshops, showcasing my versatility in the digital space.

As the lead of UX/UI, my entrepreneurial mindset drove the launch of Voxalized, a startup born from dedicated effort and passion. I am deeply committed to a user-centric design approach and embrace design thinking principles, always valuing constructive feedback.

Graphic | Webdesign Freelancer

I am crafting visually engaging designs and intuitive user experiences for websites and digital media and specializing in user-centric UX and pixel-perfect UI design.

Bachelor in Digital Concept Development 

The Bachelor degree in Digital Concept Development, qualifies me to develop digital concepts, carry out strategic considerations, plan tactical guidelines and develop practical solutions which focus on concrete technologies and digital user experiences.

Digital Product Designer @design-people

Junior Digtial Designer at design-people, where my primary tasks consist of project work within dp’s entire business area with a primary focus on digital interaction design, usability/user experience and GUI design.

Digital Design Intern @design-people

5 months internship in connection with the AP-Degree in Multimedia Design, which has been held at the company design-people in Aarhus. In the process, I have primarily functioned as a digital designer.

AP-Degree in Multimedia Design 

Finished an Ap-Degree in Multimedia Design with focus on user experience and user interface design in 2022.

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