How can we create a digital solution that provides better career management for BAAA students & graduates alike, that also meets the needs of companies?


The goal for the project is to create a platform for students, graduates, and employers at Business Academy Aarhus, specifically within the Department of Digital Communication and Multimedia. This concept, has been designed as a university project.

The Company

The Department of Digital Communication and Multimedia at Business Academy Aarhus asked us to create a way for The Business Academy Aarhus students, Graduates and employers to meet. This match can unfold in different ways and could potentially include internships, student jobs, collaboration around thesis projects and employment after graduation. 





Design Thinking

Design Process

As a Digital Product Designer I was primary responsible for both concept development and visual design.


User Interviews
Focus Groups
User research
Competitive Analysis


Empathy maps


Information Architecture
Design System


Usability Testing
Implementing Feedback

Qualitative Interviews

Meeting the user needs

We conducted 16 interviews and one focus group in total. The main focus points of the interviews and focus group were – the hiring/application process, platforms and tools used during the hiring and application process. As a result the pain points and user needs a visualized below.

😖 Pains

Long unorganised job descriptions

Bad filtering options

Slow profile screening process

No templates

😍 Needs

Clear & concise job descriptions

Guides & tips for preparing for an interview

Researching companies easier

Easy application process



In order to get an in depth understanding of our stakeholders and the target audience, we utilized various UX and business strategies, including Stakeholders Map, Empathy Map, Personas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Business Model Canvas. By implementing these methods, we ensured that we did not overlook any critical information and remained focused throughout the process. The following are some of the techniques that we employed:


Concept Development


Creating a Design System


The Final Solution

It made an Impact

The Jobportal for Business Academy Aarhus, can have a positive impact by connecting students and graduates with potential employers, expanding their career prospects and strengthening the relationship between the university and employers. It provides a platform for employers to post job opportunities, internships, and other opportunities, helping students gain real-world experience and find employment after graduation. 

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