Artwork Illustrations

Do users invest more time in exploring an artist’s music library when presented with visually appealing designs on the Spotify platform?


The goal for the project is explore the impact of Spotify artworks, specifically focusing on illustrations and animations created to enhance the Spotify Canvas experience. The project aimed to uncover insights into how users engage with these visually captivating elements and whether they play a pivotal role in encouraging users to explore an artist’s catalog.

The Artist

Kilian K is an electronic music producer from Germany. With his latest songs being featured on radios and in many sets around the world, he wants a unique and unmistakable design of his visual identity on Spotify, in order to stand out even more from the crowd.



After Effects


Spotify Artwork and Canvas

Spotify Canvas Animation

Youtube Video Animation

It made an Impact

Due to the increasing number of illustrated artworks, I meanwhile achieve that the artist stands out from the crowd and is also associated with it. Which actually was the goal of this projekt.  And that’s exactly what motivates me, to see that the hard work and love in this project really made an impact.

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