Craftsman's website

What purpose does a website serve for craftsmen, and how does a professional online presence impact their business?


Having a website is standard! In my opinion, what may sound strange at first glance has a deeper background. What do craftsmen have a website for? I’ve been looking at a lot of handyman websites lately. Unfortunately, there are few sites that really make you want to contact the craftsman, place an order or to provide an overview of the range of services.

The Company

Bagger- und Erdarbeiten GmbH A. Waschnick from Schuby. For over 10 years, they have been successful in the areas of excavation, earthworks, and paving, serving both private clients and businesses.





It made an Impact

I have developed a full-width responsive web solution that fulfills the company’s needs of having a confident and trustworthy online appearance. The created visual identity supports this and helps the company to leave a professional impression on  print products and their vehicles too.

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